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How Much Does A Custom Timber Frame Design Cost?

Many people come to us thinking that our custom design services cost the same amount as our stock plans.  The fact is that our prices for our stock plans do not accurately reflect the amount of time that is needed to create and produce those designs and plans. 

To that end, let us make sure that we are on the same page with expectations of costs for our services, and what you receive in return.

What you are ultimately receiving through the Custom Design process are timber frame designs completed by timber framers that are experienced in building these frames.   The plans are reviewed and sealed by our structural engineers.  This addresses two obstacles in one process.  Not only will you have plans that you will be able to build from, but you also have sealed construction documents that can be used at your local permit office for any building department compliance that most municipalities require today. This is a great service to you as our customer.

If you have a stock plan that you would like to alter, please be advised that changing the length of a stock plan is relatively straightforward. However changing the width, usually requires a re-model and requires more time as it affects a majority of the members of the frame. Keep in mind that we need to update our material and hardware lists that we provide you with accordingly as well.

Average Timber Frame Plan Pricing:

Small Timber Frames

(i.e. 12x16) average @$1,250 for design and construction document completion.

Medium Timber Frames

(i.e. 20x20) average @$2,400 for design and construction document completion.

Large Timber Frames

(i.e 30x30 and greater) average @$3,800 for design and construction document completion.

Here is a breakdown of what we offer:

  • Axonometric Views of Assembled Frame 
  • Axonometric Views of Exploded Frame
  • Dimensioned Plan Views, Elevations, and Sections
  • Dimensioned Bent Frame Detail as needed for Clarity
  • Mortise and Tenon and/or Joint Call-Outs
  • Joint Details as needed for Clarity
  • Full Timber List for Material Procurement
  • Full Hardware List for Ordering
  • Post Connection Details: Foundation Design by Others
  • Sealed Frame Drawings for Permit (Engineered for Gravity Loads)
  • Weekly Updates of Project Status and Billable time to Date
  • Force Diagrams to Foundation for proper Foundation Design by Others
  • A Dedicated Designer to your Project
  • Full Timber List for Material Procurement

Our Rates:

  • TFHQ bills out our time at $89 per hour
  • Engineering Services would be billed through TFHQ at $180 per hour

Are you ready to get your project started?

Contact us today to setup your free preliminary meet and greet where we get to know each other, talk about your project and see if we are a good fit for each other.  Designing is personal process and we want to make sure you have the best team possible for your project. This meeting usually takes about 30 minutes.

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  1. David Stokesberry

    I just sent you a request for services. Please adjust the engineering & design cost of my project to reflect the cost required. One other thing I wanted a foundation with an adequate crawl space. Please figure the floor joists spacing, number of joists, and their size.

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