Cooley Douglas Fir and Western Red Cedar Buildings

Project Information


Mehl Creek Farm, Oregon


Mary Cooley


Mary and Ed Cooley

Timber Framer:

Ed, Mary and Trevor Cooley

Project Location:

Elkton, Oregon

Wood Species:

Douglas Fir and Western Red Cedar

Project Description:
Timber frame agricultural buildings .
The buildings were raised exclusively by hand, which included framing wall jacks. Two of the jacks came from a builder friend and two from a rental yard. We also used the jacks and block-and-tackle for raising single beams

Project Images:

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2 thoughts on “Cooley Douglas Fir and Western Red Cedar Buildings”

  1. Beautiful work! wish I was there to give you a hand. collecting logs know to build our own home soon to get out of this trailor. Hope you show more photos as you go along to the finish.
    Looks like your in God’s country as well. Must have one beautiful view.
    Stay safe

  2. Thanks, Tim. We have been working on this project for several years now. Since this is a Raising Series, I didn’t post any photos of what came later. The building is roofed and enclosed now. I am not sure how to post any more photos.
    We are in Western Oregon and milled the timbers from trees on our place. The raising was done using the wall jacks which required fewer people than if it had been done with only muscle power.

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