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Chip Sills Mixed Woods Residence

Project Information


Earthwind Construction


Leif Sayvetz Sketchup draughtsman

Timber Framer:

Chip Sills; with crew members Luke Bair, Evan Blumenstein, Clay Condon, and Leif Sayvetz

Project Location:

Pence Springs, West Virginia

Wood Species:

White Pine, White Oak and Douglas Fir


Chip Sills

Project Description:

3500 ft dream retirement home on difficult site. Three separate timber frames: a full basement with walkout on two sides courtesy of hill then two separate principal-purlin type frames above–bedroom wing and main hall featuring hammer beam trusses braced by laminated arches.

Project Images:

1 thought on “Chip Sills Mixed Woods Residence”

  1. The primary crew member was my son Chris Sills, essential for all stages of the project: his name was left out most likely as an innocent error thinking it was a typo for me. Chris is his own man and deserves his own mention! Thanks, Chip Sills

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