Barrel Bolts

1. Post to Beam Option One

Using Barrel Bolts is a great way to take the tension out of  a joint as well as being popular in Post and Beam Construction.  

  • It is easy to install and drilling holes in the timbers is all that is necessary.   
  • One possible down side is that you will occasionally see the nut and washer, but adding a decorative washer and a square nut will dress it up.
  • You will need the barrel bolt, all thread, washer, nut and a plug to hide the hole for the barrel bolt.  

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2. Post to Beam Option 2

While this does hide all the steel from view it does has it limitations in regards to raising and assembly.  Without cutting a through hole in the post (not shown) you will need to slide the beam along the all thread in order to assemble the joint.  

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3 - Beam to Post

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4 - Rafter to Tie Beam - 2 Ways

With the ability to take sustained tension,  using barrel bolts in the roof joinery is a natural use of these connectors.  Here we show using both a single and a double barrel bolt connection.   

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6 thoughts on “Barrel Bolts”

    1. There is a little play/forgiveness that you can give the holes by up sizing your bits by a size or two. That and a little practice and I know you can achieve good results with them.

  1. Wish I would have discovered this before, it would have saved a ton $ vs. the bracketry and tools required to do it the way many of us have. This is so simple it’s stupid.

    Thanks Brice!

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