A Spring To-Do List

Although your timber frame home is low maintenance, there are still jobs that need attention on a regular basis. If you set up a quarterly schedule of maintenance tasks and inspections, you won’t suddenly be bombarded with a to-do list that’s overwhelming. Divide your tasks into projects for spring, summer, fall and winter so you’re not spending an inordinate amount of time trying to do all your projects at once. Here are some ideas for your Spring To-Do List.

Spring To-Do ListMany of us live where there are four definite seasons, and winter is particularly hard on all houses. Once spring arrives, it’s time for an inspection tour around your property and house to check on the damage that winter may have produced.

Spring To-Do List: Get Out The Ladder

You’ll need to clean out your gutters and examine them for any damage. Ice build-up can loosen nails or distort the shape of the gutters. Check for loose nails and popped seams as you clean out the debris that accumulated over the winter.You should also give the roof a once-over. If you are in an area with high winds, check to see that all the shingles look secure and that flashings and chimney brickwork looks stable.Your spring tour will give you an opportunity to examine the trees on your property before leaves obscure the limbs. Take note of any large branches or limbs that are cracked or broken. These should be taken down to prevent possible injury. Removing damaged limbs also aids in keeping your tree healthy and attractive.

Spring To-Do List: Get Out The Power Washer

A long, hard season of snow, wind, rain and dust probably has your windows coated with a lot of grime. Power washing the windows is fast, efficient and is one less chore that requires the ladder.

Power wash your driveway, walkways and patio or deck, so they’re ready for outdoor get-togethers and relaxing with the family. Use your power washer to clean patio furniture and outdoor accessories.

Spring To-Do List: Get Out The Paintbrush

If your house has painted exterior trim, check for cracked or crazing paint. Scrape and touch up painted trim. If you’re scraping down to bare wood, make sure to start with a good coat of primer.

Of course, your timber frame home doesn’t need overall painting, but the wood does need periodic maintenance. If the wood is stained, examine the finish. The stain will eventually fade, discolor and will need refreshing.

If your home has been treated with a UV protective finish, follow the product recommendations for reapplication. Spring is the perfect time to renew the UV protection, as the summer’s blazing sun will soon be at its most intense.

In all but the driest areas of the country, a mildewcide is necessary to prevent mold and fungus, and many areas require an insecticide to prevent damage from wood borers and termites. Use your spring clean up to schedule these important applications to keep your house safe from damage by these insidious home wreckers.

Since you’ve already power washed your patio furniture and deck, you may as well tackle them as well. Stained wooden furniture, planting boxes, and other deck accessories can be cleaned, scraped and painted or re-stained. If your deck is in need of a fresh coat of stain and sealant, now’s the time to get it done. You’ll be ready for outdoor living and entertaining until the snow flies next winter.

Spring is the perfect time for all painting jobs. Summer’s hot sun will make the paint dry too quickly, but the warmth of a spring day will give you ideal conditions for paint, stain and sealant application.

Spring To-Do List: Get Out Your Gardening Supplies

When it comes to your yard and plantings, a timber frame home requires just as much work as a standard construction home. Go through your gardening and yard tools, and get them ready for the season ahead. Clean and sharpen hand tools and make sure electric and gas mowers, cutters and trimmers are in working order.

Start your yard out right this season with fertilizer and weed killer to give your lawn an early boost. Inspect shrubs and hedges and make sure any bushes near the house aren’t rubbing against the surface. Trim them as needed and give them a good dose of fertilizer.

Re-mulch any areas that have bare spots and add an additional layer to give your planting areas a fresh look.

Spring To-Do List: Get Your Windows Ready For Summer

You’ve already washed the outside of your windows. Now it’s time to do the interiors. Choose a cloudy day for window washing. If it’s too sunny, the windows will dry too quickly and you’ll wind up with streaks. Do the whole job and open the windows to clean the dirt from the sill and between the windows if you have storm windows.

If you have sliding doors, clean them as well. Clean the tracks of the sliding glass doors with a dry toothbrush to loosen dirt and vacuum the loosened soil. Finish the job by wiping the track with a wet sponge and your door is ready for summertime traffic.

Since you’re looking at your windows, inspect the weather stripping to make sure the windows seal properly. Move along to your doors and check those as well.

Now that you’ve completed the spring cleaning and maintenance list, it’s time to sit back, relax and enjoy your beautiful and well maintained home. So, stoke up the barbecue, call your friends and put the drinks on ice. It’s party time at the most interesting house in the area – your impressive and comfortable timber frame home.

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  1. Who should we call to come dust and clean the highest interiors in the great room?
    The interior fan is very dusty and is visible from second floor guest rooms looking over into the great room.
    I am not crazy about my retired husband climbing around trying to clean these high areas.

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