Why Should You Build a Timber Frame Home

Why Should You Build a Timber Frame HomeWhy should you build a timber frame home?  If you are a meticulous person who has a great eye for details, you’ll definitely appreciate the intricate process of timber framing construction. Timber framing is a traditional way of building structures through the expert implementation of mortise and tenon joinery. As a result, an enchanting, ancient-looking yet very modern home is achieved. The architectural grandeur of these homes is without a doubt the main reason why there is an increase in people who opt for this type of construction, but aside from the aesthetic value of adding timbers, what else would convince you to choose this type of construction over the conventional stick-built home?

Speedy Construction

Timber frame homes generally just takes days to erect. As soon as the frame has been raised, it will then be enclosed with either the widely used Structural Insulated Panels or conventionally framed walls and a SIP roof. Installation of the panels and finishing touches may take weeks depending on the style and size of the home. Since timber frame construction doesn’t take so much time to complete compared to traditional building methods, the overall construction expenses are reduced.

Design Flexibility

Any style of home is possible to build in a timber frame design. The external facing of your home can be of wood, stone and brick or many other materials. A porch can be added either as a conventionally built porch or as a timber frame to any style desired. The interior is just as flexible and every layout is possible. The partition walls are not load-bearing and don’t have an effect on the structure. They are easy to install and can be easily removed for future renovations.

Environmentally Friendly

One might think that cutting trees for timber construction could pose a threat to the environment, but the timbers used in building timber frame homes are renewable and are regulated by authorities. In addition, a these homes are very well insulated and so controlling the temperature inside the structure would require less energy. This means a significant reduction not only in the electricity consumption but also on carbon emissions.


Timber framing is a tried and tested building method which has been used for ages. One of these homes has been proven to last for a very long time if designed and engineered according to standards.

Compared to stick-built structures, timber frame homes are much more durable. They are also more resistant when it comes to earthquake, typhoons and even fire.

Constructing one of these homes is not a superficial decision. It is a choice of both beauty and practicality. It is a home built using a traditional method that has evolved and been improved in order to adapt to the ways of modern living.  With all the benefits that come with timber frame homes, it isn’t surprising why more and more are ditching the conventional stick-built homes in favor of them.

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