Timber Frame Shed Roof Porch Plan

 Timber Frame Porch Plan

This 10×36 timber frame porch plan could be added to an outdoor pavilion or your home for a screened or covered porch. The shed roof plan could easily be modified to accommodate your needed length. Add this porch plan to any of our timber frames to create more indoor or outdoor space!

Although the standard plan is designed with a 10′ depth, we include 8′, 9′, 11′, 12′, 13′, and 14′ deep variations in a separate PDF so you can choose the best depth for your needs. The standard roof pitch is 3 in 12.

We include a full timber list in the plan set to make budgeting and procuring your timbers easier. We also provide 3D renderings, including x-ray views, to show you all the details to help you visualize the frame. We also include dimensioned drawings of each cut on timber, so no head-scratching is involved! The plans are formatted to 8 1/2″ x 11″ in an instantly downloadable 18-page PDF, plus a second PDF with eight additional sheets of porch variations.

 Timber Frame Porch Plan Scarf Joint


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7 thoughts on “Timber Frame Shed Roof Porch Plan”

  1. Casey Stockbridge

    I would like to use as few timbers as possible to give a more open feel. Is there a version of this plan using 6×6 or 8×8 posts and beams with as few roof rafters as possible.

  2. Casey Stockbridge

    This structure is 36 feet long and has 13 rafters. That means the rafters are spaced 3ft on center. Is it possible for the rafters to be space further apart? And is this structure engineered to support the load of a safety glass roof?

  3. Katrina Williams

    You might want to use more substantial roofing that a screen, but you could certainly add mosquito netting o tthe sides.

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