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5 Simple Steps to Getting Your Own Timber Frame Home Plans


Hello, in this video we are going to talk about timber frame home plans and the five simple steps to getting your own custom timber frame home plan. We will look at the general process and give you some tips and tricks to help you on your way.  Our goal in making this video is to make you comfortable and relaxed, so you can enjoy the design process even more.

The first step is research and reaching out to other people in the building process.  Given that you’re either watching this video or reading the transcript,  you’ve gotten online and found timber frame HQ or other sites online and started digging around to find information that you need and that’s great but don’t books to also talk to local builders and subcontractors in your area, they have a wealth of information.

The second step is realizing that designing a timber frame home is an extremely personal and intimate process… Which will at times frustrate you and at other times be the time your life. So by gather up as many pictures, writing down any notes as you measurements of rooms and other houses that you like you can help both yourself and the designer to picture what you want in your home.  You can also look at the different timber frame house plans on our website and others, but please respect the companies or designers copyright rights regarding their plans, they do spend a lot of time on each plan.

The third step really reinforces the second step, in that you look at and write down your lifestyle.  Do you want a comfy chair facing sunrise so you can have your morning cup of coffee or perhaps you want to make sure that you can see the sunset from the kitchen window as you are making dinner?   Just spending a little the time thinking about how you currently live and/or how you want to live in your new home can give great insight to you and your designer about how the timber frame home should be laid out.

This fourth step would be to pick 3 to 5 different designers, architects or timber frame companies to set up meetings and find out if they will be a good fit for your project.  Remember as I mentioned in the last step that this is an extremely personal process and we strongly recommend that you find a company that you’re comfortable with, making sure that you’ve talked some of their past clients and do some research on the Internet about them and their work before committing to anything.

The last step would be going through the design process with the designer or architect.  Each company and designer will have a slightly different process but the best advice I can give you is to be as open and honest with your designer and yourself as you can during this process.  Both sharing your actual budget and any information will result in a much better outcome.

Those are the five steps, while each project would take on a slightly different path as we mentioned we hope that you can take at least one thing away from this video to make your project smoother and give you a little peace of mind.

If you have any other questions about the timber framing or need a timber frame house plan please visit timberframeHQ.com for more information and resources and don’t forget to say hi to us at facebook.com/timberframehq.

Take care and thanks for watching.



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  1. Hello the above information on Timber frame house plan is tremendous especially with the video gave a brief explantion, thank you so much it helped me to pick few points on ceativity for example keeping seating position to the sun was really helpful .

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