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Timber Frame Engineering

Timber Frame Engineering Example

Lateral loads, shear, tension, compression, snow loads, gravity loads, floor loads…these are some of the things that timber frame engineering is about. It is a fun and interesting aspect to the art of craft.

A licensed engineer is familiar with the architecture and engineering of timber frames, and the specific reaction to stress loads in the joints and joinery. Many areas require an engineer’s seal before granting a building permit for timber frame buildings. This type of construction is not covered under most local building codes, making an engineer’s input vital in the construction process.

We have compiled some useful information on this page in order to make your search for a timber frame engineer or other information easier. There is a clickable map to find an engineer in the state you are building in and engineering reports, technical bulletins and other information that you will find on the Timber Frame Engineering Council’s Website.

We also encourage you to check out the Timber Framers Guild website to learn more about the science and engineering of these great structures.

Timber Frame Engineering Council

The Timber Frame Engineering Council (TFEC) was formed in 2005 at a Guild conference by a group within the Timber Framers Guild, it was in response to a need for systematic research, discussion and codification of timber frame joinery and structural practices.  Membership is open to all Timber Framers Guild members, I enjoy being a part of this organization and would encourage anyone who is interested in the science behind timber frame to join.     –  Brice 

tfguild_2269_10579700TFEC objectives include:   (Taken from the TFEC Website at http://www.tfguild.org/timber-frame-engineering)

  • Provide an open forum for the discussion of engineering topics.
  • Promote appropriate research to advance timber frame and SIP technology.
  • Produce technical publications and articles on various topics.
  • Advocate amendments to building codes and technical standards.
  • Conduct engineering sessions in conjunction with TFG Conferences.

Articles About Engineering

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