Steel Corner Post Base With Attachment Wings

Steel Corner Post Bases
Single steel corner post base

If you are looking for a easy post-to -concrete connection, this is it.  The galvanized steel corner post base is wrapped around the post with a nice curved profile at the top.   The wing bases secure to the post with  six structural screws,  and  to the concrete with epoxy and a concrete screw or a wedge type anchor.   A lexan spacer between the post and concrete provides a long term gap between these two surfaces. This steel corner post base makes connecting your frame to concrete easy and secure.

If you need more uplift you can add them to all four sides.  As always, consult an engineer in your area about your structural needs in your site location, they all vary.

Transparent steel corner post base
8x Corner Post Base installed and exploded
Transparent 8x Corner Post Base installed and exploded

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