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Spotlight: Jason & Carrie Frank and Woodland Improvements

Jason & Carrie Frank are the owners of Woodland Improvements, a logging and lumber company in Milaca, Minnesota which was started in1991 and specializes in White Pine & White Oak Timbers. Their custom services begin with logging timber at the stump  and continue all the way to  producing a prefinished product ready to install. Their lumber can be either kiln or air dried, is marked and stacked in their yard, planed down to 3/4 inch boards, stacked inside, finished into flooring and paneling, and sanded multiple times. They use custom-made cutters in the manufacturing process in order to make the product universal in its use -- one side can be used for flooring or the other side can be used for paneling. They can also provide on-site sawmill services with their portable WoodMizer band mill.

Jason grew up in the lumber business, having gotten his first job working in a sawmill when he was just 11 years old. As Jason says, he’s “still there and enjoying every minute of it.” Jason is certified as a trained logging professional from the Minnesota Logger Education Program.

Woodland Improvements offers True North Woods certified products from the sustainably managed and harvested forests of northern Minnesota. As they say, they “like to be good stewards to the land and forests in order that our children can continue to see the forests we see. Our timber is selectively cut from the forest, insuring that there is minimum stress to the forest. This provides quality timber to be available for years to come. We use every available board -- "waste not, want not" is our philosophy, and we plant many trees to replace those we have cut. Sustainability of the forests is the key to our business.” Woodland Improvements strongly believes that making best use of the resource is critical to providing quality material from our forest lands for years to come.

As Jason says, “There is nothing wasted here at our business. We sell our shavings and sawdust as animal bedding. Our slabs sold as campfire wood or home heating. Even our rippings get glued together to create something beautiful. Our business motto is waste not want not and to make best use of the resource” They even produce bee hives as a sideline.

Woodland Improvements is the only mill in central Minnesota that can saw up to 33 foot timbers. They are one of only a hand full of companies that produces a product from the stump to a ready to finish product. They are able to produce timbers to almost any customer specification, and can custom saw to exact dimensions.

Jason describes his logging and lumber operations this way: “Whenever possible, we select cut timber from wooded parcels. Truck them to our mill. Saw them to customer specs. Sticker out all our excess to pre-dry. Ship timbers nationwide. Our falloff from these timbers is made into various products, such as T&G, Bartops, Fireplace Mantles, Stair treads and Risers, Etc.”

Want to find out more about Woodland Improvements? Here’s how:


TrueNorthwood.com WoodlandImprovements


Jason Frank

14347 210th St.

Milaca, MN 56353


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