Spotlight: Brandon Sullivan

Brandon Sullivan

As Timber Frame Headquarters continues to develop and grow, we are pleased to announce that Brandon Sullivan has joined our team as  Office and Marketing Administrator.   Brandon will perform the daily tasks to provide the best service to our customers and facilitate the continued growth of Timber Frame HQ. Continuing to make Timber Frame HQ the central hub for all things timber framing is the goal – getting there will take a lot of effort and service from the entire team.  As Brandon says, “When more homes are designed and built with intentionality from the start, that elevates us as a species. Using heavy timbers from our local landscape is one step in that process.

Brandon cannot remember a time when he didn’t want to build his own home with hand-cut joinery and a lot of Eastern white pine.  After a stint as a high school math teacher, he apprenticed at The Heartwood School with Will Beemer who introduced Brandon to the craft and trade of timber framing. Since then Brandon has worked in many industries and worn a lot of hats – timber framer in a few shops around the country, trim carpenter, commercial carpenter, graphic designer, and most recently he was a woodworker and production manager for EarthRoamer. 

While Brandon was a woodworker for  EarthRoamer, they were experiencing huge growth and demand for their expedition vehicles. The transition from being a small boutique manufacturer to a medium-size company with celebrity clients and multiple TV appearances was challenging to manage with the small shop that was growing faster than they could adequately manage. Brandon was put in charge of revamping the entire build schedule from the ground up.  As he says, “It was a ton of work digging into each individual technician’s work but also each truck’s order of operations and figuring out the best way to get each truck out the door in 12 weeks on time to our customers. After about eight months of work, for the first time in EarthRoamer history, a customer could order a truck a year out (it was a long waitlist!) and we could give them an exact day and time to pick up their vehicle.”  For a cool video about EarthRoamers, check out this link:

Brandon intends to help make the timber framing/ home building journey smooth for our customers. He says “Sometimes it’s as simple as knowing the proper next step. Taking on any construction project is demanding and the path through can be complex and counterintuitive. My goal is to walk the path ahead of our customers, placing those trail markers along the way, and get as many folks to completed structures as possible. The nature of our dwellings directly contributes to our well-being and the health of our relationships; TFHQ gets to be a part of that journey with our community.”

Brandon humorously describes his main hobby as confiscating frogs from his kids’ bedroom and returning them to the river.  When he gets a break from that he works on the early stages of turning his 5 acre Vermont property into a food forest and adding a timber-framed workshop.

Welcome to the team, Brandon!

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