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Adding a Guest Suite in Your Plans

Adding a guest suite with great features to your timber frame house plans ensures that your guests will find the room restful and welcoming. One of the joys of timber frame homes is the opportunity to share its beauty and warmth with friends and family. The planning stage is the best time to include such details as the room size, window style and placement, how much storage and display space to include, and the ideal number of electrical outlets and cable or phone jacks.

Adding a Guest Suite – Take Their Breath Away

Adding a Guest SuiteWhile the master bedroom and the main living room should command excellent views, the view from the guest room is an essential part of the overall welcome. When making your plans, consider all available views. While it may mean sacrificing a symmetrical home design, you and your guests will ultimately be happier with the change.

Include a private bathroom in your plans. Even long-time friends will feel more at home when they do not have to share a bathroom with the rest of the household. Window options for the guest bathroom include round or Gothic-style arched windows with opaque or stained glass.

Because the timber frame provides all the support instead of the walls, you are free to create entire walls of windows in the bedroom itself. Bring the sunshine inside and offer the perfect frame for a patio view — complete with chimney, fireplace and a cozy arrangement of comfortable patio chairs, or an equally appealing view of a burbling brook edged with river rock. Such a view strikes a relaxing note that invites guests to enjoy the outdoor amenities of your home.

Room for One More

Adult guests sleep in greater comfort when you offer a queen or king-size bed. Tables on each side of the bed provide room for a reading lamp and clock. The tables need at least one drawer for small items, and a shelf for books and magazines. Include space for a desk, complete with phone, high-speed internet and digital cable jacks so that your guests have a place to write or work.

Include enough floor space for a wardrobe and a mirrored vanity in your plans, so that guests have room for their clothes and a place to get dressed for dinner. A minimum two-foot clearance around all furniture means making your room dimensions at least 9 feet by 12 to 15 feet, especially if friends or family use wheelchairs or other mobility aids.

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