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How to Get Heard at Timber Frame HQ!

At Timber Frame HQ, we welcome your input on an anything timber frame. Our goal is to be a forum for sharing many timber framing journeys, whether that means building a home, starting a business, or learning a new skill.  We also intend to be a great source for joinery details, discovering new timber frame plans, and investigating new timber framing products and techniques. We want you to get heard at TimberFrameHQ!

To that end, we are inviting our readers to submit articles to us, to share their story and spread the word!

Get Heard at TimberFrameHQ! Crane hoisting a bent“Raisings”:  Reader-Built Timber Frame Projects

Have you raised a garden shed, pavilion or an entirely new home? Take us on your journey! We want to see and hear about the project, but also about you… is this a volunteer project, a community build, or your dream home?  Please send us a narrative telling us: how you came to the idea to build a timber frame, how you arrived at the design, and details on how you cut and raised it. We would like pictures of you, the frame in progress and the finished product.

New Products / Product Reviews

Have you run across a new tool to expedite cutting a frame? Have you invented a tool? Discovered a new book on timber framing? Mastered a new software program that helps the process? Get heard at TimberFrameHQ! Send us images and a narrative of about 300-500 words, telling us what excites you about this new find.

Joints and Joinery Details

Timber framing is aTimber Scarf Joint with Wedge and Screwsll about the joinery, after all!  We welcome variations on any of the typical timber frame joints and construction components: trusses, knee braces, individual joints, etc.  Narrative descriptions should be approximately 200-500 words. Descriptions,  photos, and drawings should detail the joinery method (or optional methods), such as pegs or structural screws and/or how to cut it.  Drawings should include 2D drawings, as well as several 3D drawings or renderings, if possible.

“Spotlight” Articles: Highlighting Timber Frame Companies

Our company profiles run about 500-1000 words each, and these words are divided more or less equally among these areas: The background of the owner and how they came to timber framing;After a day of cutting joinery what sets this timber frame company apart from its competitors; and the challenges and points of pride in running a timber frame company. Lastly, we want to include all contact info (Social Media included), so readers can get to know you better. And we would like to include a photo of yourself and/or your staff, and approximately 6 high-quality color photos of your work.  We have a questionnaire set up to make the process easier. Contact us if you are interested in having us spotlight you and your company.

Photograph requirements

Photographs should be in jpg format and have a resolution of at least 2400 x 1800 pixels. Featured images should be shot with horizontal framing. We can include vertical shots in the articles, as well… a variety of configurations is best.

Video requirements

While not required, the video takes advantage of our digital format.  We don’t require clips shot with high-end video cameras; the movie setting on common digital cameras will often suffice. Use the highest resolution you have available and shoot clips in the range of 20 to 30 seconds. Erring on the long side—without creating large files—gives us more latitude for editing. If you pan, slow and steady is the goal. Don’t narrate unless there is a good reason to. If explanations are required to clarify what we’re seeing, adding text is usually preferable. Be aware of the sounds being recorded: They should be appropriate for the scene.

Original work and copyright

The text and images you submit must be original works not previously published in print or on the web, in whole or in part, or currently offered for publication elsewhere.

When we’ve decided to publish your article, we’ll ask you to sign a copyright statement. Copyright laws require that we obtain written permission from authors, photographers, and artists for the use of their material. This provides protection for you and grants us the rights to your material.

Payment for feature articles

We happily pay for content. Articles published on Timber Frame HQ may be posted to social media, or included in the monthly and quarterly newsletter.

Contact Us

We welcome all queries and prefer that they are sent as succinct (250 words is about right) proposals with just a few image samples. Should we decide to pursue your idea, we’ll ask for a complete manuscript. If, however, your manuscript is already complete, send it along. We’re friendly people, and will be happy to bend the rules for a good story prospect.

Please send all queries, by e-mail only, to Katrina at team@timberframehq.com

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