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Chris Monahan Ash Pavilions

Ash pavilions

Project Information


Chris Monahan


Chris Monahan



Timber Framer:

Chris Monahan

Project Location:

Rochester, NY

Wood Species:


Project Description:

Using the 12×16 Timber Frame Porch plans from Timberframe HQ, I purchased locally harvested Ash to build covers for fuel tanks. I did all the layout, cutting, raising and roofing of the frame myself over the course of 16 months. Youtube videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCy7nz8MmNMd3jEBL0C6a9Ew/videos?view_as=subscriber

Project Images:

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1 thought on “Chris Monahan Ash Pavilions”

  1. Really please to have found an ash framed building. I am from UK and have available to me a lot of Ash on our farm which is suffering from dieback. I know that in the later stages it can weaken the timber but otherwise hope it is usable in the same way as oak. Question I have is whether you know if I can use it for framing just after felling as in green oak construction.
    Thanks for any leads or advice, Tim

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