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5 Easy And Inexpensive Updates To Refresh Your Tired Kitchen

Chefs Kitchen in a Timber Frame

Whether your kitchen is in need of a little TLC or you’re just ready for a bit of a change, there are plenty of inexpensive and relatively simple projects you can tackle to bring a new shine to the busiest room in your home. Let's talk about ways you can refresh your tired kitchen.

Some projects take just a few hours while others may take the weekend. They won’t break your decorating budget or take more skill than you probably possess. So, get out your tool belt, send the kids to grandma’s or the playroom and get ready to give your kitchen an eye-catching update you're sure to love.

Replace Cabinet Hardware

Just replacing the outdated drawer pulls and drawer knobs can add a contemporary feel to your kitchen. If your cabinet hardware sports a dated metallic finish or are tinny and inexpensive, treat yourself and your cupboards to new hardware that reflects contemporary styling and finishes. Current finishes include pewter, oiled bronze, and satin nickel.

Make sure to take accurate measurements of the center-to-center measurement of the existing drawer pulls. If your cabinets don’t currently have drawer pulls, a cabinet hardware drilling template makes life simple with standard center-to-center measurements to help you mark mounting holes.

Wildwater's Corkscrew Cabin ADA Kitchen

Add Color Or Pattern To The Inside Of Your Cabinets

Adding a punch of color to the back of your cabinets gives the room a whole new look. Use an accent color to paint the inside of your cabinets to tie in with your backsplash, curtains, or other accessories. Paint the shelves as well for a complete transformation.

If you don’t want to spend a lot of time painting, you can apply wallpaper or fabric to the back wall of the cabinet for extra texture and design flair.

Paint Your Vinyl Floor

Yes, you really can paint your vinyl or linoleum floor. If your vinyl floor covering is dated or shabby, you can give your room a whole new look. This may not be a fix that you’ll have for the next 20 years, but it holds up pretty well until you’re able to replace it with a new floor covering.

Rough up the surface of the floor with sandpaper to ensure the paint will adhere properly. Use 180-grit sandpaper on a sanding block. For less bending and crawling around, use a sandpaper pole to save your back and knees. Clean the floor thoroughly to remove any grit or dust.

Use a primer to prepare the surface to accept the paint. Primer ensures your paint adheres well and also hides the pattern and color of the existing flooring.

Choose quality porch and floor paint, as this paint is formulated to hold up to heavy foot traffic. Use a roller for easy, even application.

When the paint is dry, you can add a stencil design. There are tons of patterns available, and you can use a single stencil or a combination of designs to create a beautiful, custom pattern. If you’re not familiar with using stencils, there are many DIY videos and tutorials to help you get through the process.

Timber Frame Kitchen

Add A Backsplash

If your kitchen doesn’t have a backsplash, this is a place to add color and texture to spark up your kitchen. You can go simple or fancy, and because the square footage of the backsplash area is small, you can probably afford to splurge.

Even if you don’t want to do a lot, a coat of contrasting paint can give your kitchen a boost. Use semi-gloss paint, so you can easily keep it clean and free of spatters and stains.

You can use textured wallpaper to add dimension to the wall and it can be painted with your choice of colors, or even a metallic paint to give it a tin ceiling tile look.

Many small tiles come bonded to a backing sheet, so they’re simple to cut and install. Applying the tile sheets is simple with premixed thin-set, and grouting is now available in many colors.

Vinyl wallpaper can add bold pattern and colors, and cleans well.If you have dated tiles, paint them with a perky new color. Use an epoxy or urethane bonding primer and a semi-gloss or high gloss enamel for an instant color burst.

Create Open Shelving

If you’ve got some extra wall space, consider adding open shelving. Open shelving gives the room a larger, more casual look and is perfect to feature treasured serving pieces or a collection of matching canisters, bowls, or colorful tableware.

No room for new shelves? Take off the doors of a cabinet or two. You’ve created the feel of open shelving without the mess of new construction. It’s also simple to replace the doors if you decide this look isn’t for you and your family.

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