Timber Frame Videos

How to Make a Tenon Using the Drop Cut Method

5 Advantages to Building a Small Timber Frame Home

2012 Timber Framer’s Guild Eastern Joint Testing

Timber Frame Joint Testing Session – 2012 Timber Framers Guild Western Conference

How to Light a Timber Frame – Five Proven Steps to Illuminate Your Home

Timber Frame Hybrids – What the Heck is a Hybrid Timber Frame?

Timber Frame Construction Details – 3 Details That Will Make Your Timber Frame Unique

Timber Framing Tools – The Basic Hand Tools for Your Timber Frame Tool Box

Timber Frame House Plans – 5 Simple Steps to Getting Your Own Custom Home Plans

Timber Frame Trusses – The 5 Basic Truss Types

Timber Frame Costs – Why is it Difficult to Estimate the Cost Right Off the Bat


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