Community Guidelines

In the spirit of cooperation and communication, there’s a handful of guidelines that help provide an environment where we can all learn and grow together.

They apply to the entire TFHQ community, TFHQ Administrators, and all members.

  • Give more to your fellow timber framers than you ask from them (the TFHQ imperative!); create more value than you capture. Make your contributions in the spirit of helping the community. It’s those who give that end up getting the most in return.
  • Be respectful and courteous with all your interactions.  Derogatory or insulting language is not tolerated.
  • Give your fellow TFHQers the benefit of the doubt or a ‘beneficial reading.’ In many communities people make a sport out of picking apart the comments of others, here we seek to find the best in what others are contributing.
  • Prioritize shared experience over opinions. Our membership represents some of the most remarkable doers, builders, and people passionate about timber framing on the web– we want to hear what you’ve done. TFHQ discussions are at their best when we’re sharing what we have done and what we have learned.
  • Don’t have the answers? Welcome to the club. It’s more productive to ask great questions.

Our values

  • An abundant and giving mindset
  • Honesty and directness in communication
  • Service to our fellow timber framers
  • Integrity
  • Humility
  • Thoughtfulness
  • Cooperation
  • Having fun!

What’s not tolerated in the TFHQ

There’s a handful of behaviors we don’t accept inside the TFHQ community.

  • A rule of thumb to keep in mind when asking yourself if content is appropriate for the TFHQ, is: “how would I feel if all members behaved in this way.”
  • No self-promotion.
  • No affiliate links.
  • No syndication/marketing of your content. If another TFHQer won’t share it for you, it probably isn’t worth posting.
  • All profiles contain real photos and names.
  • No comments that are racist, sexist, political, or gossip-bait.
  • No mean, snarky, or derogatory comments. Help us keep the TFHQ a productive and positive space.
  • Copying of fellow members content and images.
  • No sexual or physical harassment through implied threat or action.
  • Timber Frame HQ forum memberships are granted upon admin approval. We reserve the right to deny membership to anyone, for any reason. Only ONE account is allowed per individual. Members that create multiple accounts risk having all of their accounts disabled. if you have trouble logging into an established account, contact to ask for help.

Regarding promotion within the TFHQ.

  • Self-promotion is not allowed.
  • The Timber Frame HQ Forum encourages members to post their web address within their member profile, but does not allow including links within a post. If you wish to promote your website, you must obtain a Timber Frame HQ Forum Sponsorship agreement or prior consent from Timber Frame HQ.

Keep in mind the TFHQ forums are moderated on a daily basis.

We occasionally modify headlines to be more useful to members. We occasionally remove content that is not in the spirit of our guidelines. We follow-up on all ‘reported’ threads. Follow the spirit of the guidelines not just their letter and you will be golden.

Those who don’t comply with the guidelines will be respectfully reminded of them, and in the rare case of repeated offenses will be asked to leave the community. If you have questions, we encourage you to reach out to us. We’re happy to discuss any moderation concerns you might have. Our policies are moderated, discussed, and debated internally as well as with a team of over 5 long-standing supporters (the TFHQ Leadership Team).

TFHQ Peacekeeping Procedures

Disputes are rare. TFHQers make every effort to peacefully end disagreements. Here are some suggestions for reaching resolutions when conflict occurs:

  • Ask yourself what your role is in the conflict. Give your fellow TFHQers the benefit of the doubt or a ‘beneficial reading.’ Many communities people make a sport out of picking apart the comments of others, here we seek to find the best in what others are contributing. Avoid finger-pointing language by using formulations like “when you said/did x, I felt y.” Give heated situations time and space for involved parties to find clarity before I try to resolve them.
  • Talk directly with the person or persons involved. Be willing to engage others with whom you upset with no matter how hard that conversation may be.
  • If reflection and direct communication do not resolve the conflict, ask another community member to serve as the mediator for a private meeting.
  • The forum cannot be used as a ‘court of popular opinion’ or as a place for dispute arbitration. This approach does not respect the members’ valuable time, nor is it a professional or fair way to seek an outcome.

If you have a conflict or dispute with another member with suspected ethical or legal breaches, or the above methods do not resolve the conflict, then email our us at

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