A Quick Look at Hybrids vs Full Timber Frames

Hybrids vs Full Timber Frames - Full Structural Timber Frame What is the difference between hybrids vs full timber frames? A full timber frame house uses posts and beams for all the structural exterior walls and interior walls. This allows great expanses of open space and the frame is completely free-standing. Posts, beams, trusses and joists are exposed to enhance the drama and intricacy of the workmanship. The wood can be finished in a number of different methods and can have a rustic, primitive texture or a sophisticated, refined appearance. It is becoming rarer and rarer that folks opt to build a full timber frame instead choosing…

A Hybrid Timber Frame

A hybrid timber frame home uses both timber frame construction and elements of conventional construction. However, there is broad room for interpretation of the phrase, and a savvy buyer needs to know exactly which elements of the home are timber frame construction, which are timber frame in appearance and which are conventional stick assembly. The vast majority of timber frame homes (about 90%) are actually hybrid versions. Let’s take a look at some of the options:

* The entire main common area can be timber frame with connecting stick framed construction wings, forming a central great hall to accommodate public areas with private bedroom spaces in the wings.

* Timber frame porches, decks and entryways can border  standard construction, or accent timbers can give a timber frame look to any room.

Hybrids vs Full Timber Frames - hybrid bathroom

* A hybrid timber frame house offers a homeowner the impressive look of timber frame construction while keeping the budget under control. Remember, one timber in a house is better than none.

* A master bedroom suite may incorporate post and beam construction that includes a vaulted ceiling and exposed trusses, while other bedrooms are merely trimmed out with accent timbers to repeat the décor.* Closets and storage areas are typically rooms that are not enhanced by timber frame construction. These areas are often finished in standard construction methods.

* If the homeowner is able to minimize costs in private areas of the house, he will have an expanded budget for public rooms such as the dining room, kitchen, and great room.

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