Mohland Douglas Fir Hammer Beam Pavilion

Douglas Fir Hammer Beam Pavilion

Project Information


 Timber Frame HQ

Timber Framer:

Gordon Mohland, Renee Mohland


James Kitchin and Associates


Gordon Mohland, Renee Mohland, Derrick Ruby, Brian Weiss

Project Location:

Billings, Montana

Wood Species:

Douglas Fir


Above and Beyond Timberframing, Derrick Ruby, Brian Weiss ,Gordon Mohland


Renee Mohland

Project Description:

Custom designed modified hammer beam pavillion on our patio designed by Timber Frame HQ and engineered by James Kitchin and associates.
I cannot say enough good things about Timber Frame HQ. Not only do we really like this design, but the designer was also so willing to share his knowledge and expertise with me throughout this entire project. From the minute I decided to buy these plans from TFHQ , he was always there , for any questions or concerns I had.
Thank you again!
We replaced an older rotten pavilion with this new Timberframe version and we love it!

Special thanks to all those that helped with assembly , Mike Donovan, Mike Gerber, Wade Love and Doug Peterson

A very special thank you to all the excellent advice and direction from Chris Miller!

Project Images:

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