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Kuck Douglas Fir Pergola

Kuck Douglas Fir Pergola

Project Information

Timber Framer:

Heinz Kuck


Heinz Kuck


Heinz and Travis Kuck

Project Location:

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Wood Species:

Douglas Fir


DHeinz Kuck

Project Description:

6’ x 8’ Douglas Fir garden pergola.
My first “major” project using 6 x 6 Douglas Fir Timbers, 4 x 6 braces, and 2 x 6 rafters.
All joinery secured with 3/4” oak pegs. Finishing stain was a linseed oil - tung oil mix. Biggest time saver was my Makita chain mortiser, longest time consumer always measuring “10 times” before cutting once! Working part time, 30 days from first cut to final raise.

Project Images:

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