Confluence Fabrication Mixed Oak Cruck Barn

Project Information


Confluence Fabrication Co.


Confluence Fabrication Co .

Timber Framer:

Confluence Fabrication Co.

Project Location:

Worthington, Pennsylvania

Wood Species:

Mixed Oak

Project Description:

This frame has to meet the challenge of a number of varied uses that include a lofted leatherworking studio, livestock housing, equipment storage, farm to table workshops, and a family gathering space. Situated on a growing/working monastic-inspired farmstead, this 40×40 barn boasts four “upper cruck” bents that each incorporate paired, hand-selected and hewn curved timbers. The barn will homogenize well with the existing community of structures as it exhibits exposed timber, two sod shed roofs, and stout, blue slate roofing on the main gable. Unseasonal downpours, untimely crane delays, a wildly reckless crane operator, mechanical breakdown, and equipment rental shortfalls gave us all big grins and brow- furrowing stories at the end of a successful week. Big, special thanks to our itinerant crew of Leah, Jason, and Jeremy for unquestionably making it possible!

Project Images:

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