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Charles Kiezulas – Hemlock Grill House

Timber Framer

Charles Kiezulas

Project Location:

Kennebunkport, Maine

Wood Species:

Hemlock, Fir

Project Information

Project Description:

First, thank you to Timber Frame HQ for the inspiration for this project. I had bought plans from TFHQ which inspired me to create my own design. 
This is a small scale timber framed “Grill House” that allows year round BBQ grilling even thru the harsh Maine winters. 
The structure is made of eleven 6 x 6 rough Hemlock timbers utilizing 12 mortises, 12 tenons and 4 shoulders. Two of the timbers were from felled Hemlock trees on our property. 
The grill house has a 2″ x 8″ PT deck with attractive composite decking. The timber posts rest on 10″ concrete foundation piers placed 48″ into the ground. To eliminate the use of braces, we used Simpson Strong Tie Outdoor Accent heavy angled brackets with decorative structural screws and washers. 
A major design goal was build safety. We kept the overall timber size to 8 foot Hemlock timbers that weigh between 100 and 120 pounds each which can be handled safely by 1-2 persons. We used 4 sections of staging so that no ladders were necessary. The rear bent came in at 360 pounds. Raising it was well within the range of 2 adults and 2 strong teenagers.
We did receive a building permit from the town for this project so that it met all necessary building codes.

Project Images:

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