29 Reasons to Join the Timber Framers Guild by Members

We asked members of the Timber Framers Guild to tell us their greatest memory, take-away or benefit from being a member. We received some wonderful responses, and here they are. If you are deciding whether to join the Guild, take look at these testimonials from members of Timber Framers Guild .

testimonials from members of Timber Framers Guild

Will Beemer

"Besides the great friendships with the best people I know, it's the incredible amount of timber framing knowledge I have gained from others that would not have been possible otherwise."   Will Beemer, member for 32 years, since the founding in 1985.

“In addition to the sample timber frame project plans, I like watching the progress the other members are making on their projects and following the discussions on the obstacles they encountered and how they overcame them. A lot of good insight and tips.” John Robinson, member for  less than 1 year

“Learning opportunities and skill building through community builds, workshops, seminars, conferences and the friendships that naturally come with participation.” Maurice Poulin, member for 9 years

Jim Rogers

“Learning how to correctly layout and cut joints.” Jim Rogers, member for 15 years

“The quality of advice. None better.” Robert York , member for 3 years

“The best benefit is access to all the information.” Zeb Horton, member for 2 years

“I appreciate that there are so many other people who are willing to share their experience. It is daunting to think about how much work I can get done in a day and then reconcile it with my ambitions and dreams. There are people younger and older than me now and there have been other people throughout the past infected by this way of building and it is interesting to see their paths. Their inspiration guides my way.”    Kilian Clark, member for 1 year

“Going to my first conference in Sept 2016 in Saratoga Springs NY.”  Justin C. Lockman, member for 1 year

Will Denton

“Participation in several community projects, meeting and learning from craftsmen from all over Jim DeSantis, member for 20 years

“Being part of the community build projects in Lancaster county PA with Habitat for Humanity, 1988; the covered bridge in Guelph, Ontario, 1992; and most recently the project in Schuylerville,NY.”  David Maynard, member for 30 years

“Community based projects”   Will Denton, member for 12 years

Joe Miller

Joe Miller

“The people are the greatest benefit. I remember my first conference in West Virginia (2001?) - amazed at how passionate, sharing, and frankly interesting, everyone was.” Joe Miller, member for 12 years

"Membership of the Timber Framers Guild afforded me with the opportunity to meet persons whom up until that time were authors or book shelf characters (Sobon, Levin, Benson, Beemer, McCarty, Murrey, Wilkins, etc.). I was taken by the willingness of Guild members to share, encourage and support others to help expand and develop their knowledge of this ancient craft thereby hopefully ensuring both its renaissance and longer term survival. What started out 40 years ago as a tick hippie backwoods practice has now blossomed into a successful global enterprise which in large part has probably been due to the early adoption of information technology by the TFG to help bridge the gaps in the world’s geographic and cultural divides.” Ken Hume, member for over 20 years

Reinhard Sauter

"To meet other members which have an understanding for wood, heavy timber and joinery and are beyond 2x4 construction. To meet people within a group (TFG) that know the basics of woodworking is a great experience as well as to share ideas and great contacts. " Reinhard Sauter, member for 12 years

“For me it has to be sharing knowledge with other framers.” Ian Stewart, member for about  5 years

“I had a great time working on a rendezvous project in NH years ago and came away impressed with the TFG organization itself. So great to see such a bunch of extremely skilled men and women who were enjoying each others' company working together, laughing, teaching, and learning from each other.“ Roy Russell, member for approximately 10 years

Stephen Morrison

“Attending events. Meeting people.” Stephen Morrison, member for 18 years

“Learning how to play stump at the Burlington conference-- jk!! But that conference was my inauguration into the guild, and it's been a blast ever since!” Evan Taubes, member for 4 years

"Plugging into a community of like-minded people. Gives me inspiration and energy to keep on my path. Access to knowledge to further my education. Professional connections that lead to paid work. "  Andrea Warchaizer, member for 27 years

Matt Hunter

"There's no greater benefit than what you learn or glean from other members, whether that's sitting around a table, watching a slideshow, taking a course or participating in a building project. The generosity and willingness to share and move everyone forward is truly amazing!”  Matt Hunter, member for 10 years

Mike and Kim Shenton

"My finest memory concerning the Guild is the entire week-end of our first Guild Conference--1986 at Marlboro College. Cyndy and I earlier learned of the Guild through an acquaintance and called the contact person, Jim Benson, to learn more. We planned to arrive the day before the event began and she asked Jim where we should stay. Jim replied, “At our house.” We took Jim up on his generous offer and realized we were headed in the right direction. Possibly not counting our honeymoon, our first Conference is the best weekend we ever spent together. Knowledgeable craftspeople, wonderful atmosphere, fine fare, friendly encounters where fast friendships were established—I must say that one week-end corrected the trajectory of our lives and remains as a touch stone of the possible."  Bruce and Cyndy Garner, members for 20 years

“The greatest benefit is opportunity.” Michael Blann, member for about 1 year

Dick Schmidt

“I vividly remember Joel McCarty welcome me to my first Guild conference. Joel expressed the fellowship and joy of Guild culture that has endured throughout the decades. I learned then that timber framing isn't about the wood.”  Dick Schmidt, member for 22 years

“Community of passionate and humble craftsman.” Brad Blue, member for about 4 years

Ross Grier

“Instructing a timber framing workshop while wearing a chef's outfit. Snagging Sharon Bosies as my wife over 600 other eligible and ineligible Guild members” Ross Grier, member for 32 years

“Having a way to see the work and ideas of real, career timber-framers. The guild is still aimed at the professional framer, not dumbed down for the dilettante. As long as it is, I'll be a member.” Adam King, member for 2 years

Gerald David

“The Guild has given me the opportunity and confidence to teach my trade. I have found that the sharing of knowledge not only enriches other people's lives it makes me think over and over again about what I think I know, verbalize how I do it, then how I can relate to a stranger well enough to make her or him get it. Through this process, without fail, I make connections with great, motivated people of all backgrounds. Making my life richer.” Gerald David, member for 9 years

Amy Good

“The greatest memory I had as a TFG member had to be my time spent on the TFBC Board of Directors and scheduling courses for the conferences. It was refreshing to have a voice in such a big process.” Amy Good, member for  about 5 years

“I've only been a member for a little over a month now, and have only just begun absorbing the knowledge the guild has to offer. I came to Madison to see what the guild was about and was amazed at the different aspects that are offered. From the scientific end of all the testing, to the design and architecture with the hands on demonstrations. To the venders, and be able to talk to them one on one to see which products suit you best. I also received my first Timber Framing Journal, what interesting information! I loved reading about some of the history and again the great information on how some procedures are done. I can't wait for next quarters publication. I can see I have an endless opportunity of having any questions I can think of answered. If you can dream it up, there's someone here that can help and give you some suggestions and insight. The Timber Framers Guild is truly inspiring, and I'm so glad I've become a member.” Jeremiah Bonitz, member for 1 month

Members of the Timber Framers Guild connect with individuals who are passionate about timber framing, learn more about timber framing, take part in community building projects, educate others, and invest in the work of the Timber Framers Guild.

To find out more, click here , or visit  http://www.tfguild.org/

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