Learn to Timber Frame by Will Beemer


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In his beautifully illustrated book, Will Beamer explains timber framing clearly and thoroughly in words a novice can understand. His book educates the reader about the basics of timber framing, beginning with wood species, basic engineering principles and wood handling. He discusses lumber procurement and building regulations. He explains the basic types of timber frame layout and labeling, and the tools necessary to construct a timber frame.

A huge bonus with this book is that Will Beamer expands on teaching the basics with instruction on building an actual timber frame cabin. The core project is a 12 x 16 foot shed designed originally by Jack Sobon for his book Timber Frame Construction. For this book, Will Beamer includes the plan and section drawings, and a timber list, and then he discusses in detail all the elements and joinery details of the frame. Will includes detailed photographs of the steps in laying out and cutting the frame, and shares many tricks of the timber framing trade along the way.

Will shares ways to alter the basic design of the frame, from changing the location of doors and windows, to adding a loft, changing the roof pitch, adjusting the size of the frame, and even increasing the frame with room additions.

For someone brand new to the field, this wonderful book provides the background and technical knowledge to gain a true understanding of the art and craft of timber framing.