Creating a Timber Frame House


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Building a timber frame home is a dream that probably began as a tiny seed of an idea. Maybe you saw an interesting article in a magazine or website, visited a home show or the home of a friend.  Either way, at that moment you were struck with its massive, rugged beauty and were left with an impression that just wouldn’t go away.

If you are out of the daydreaming phase and ready to get your project rolling, it’s time to get organized and do something. This Ebook is meant to provide a guideline with helpful ideas and information for someone who is considering building a timber frame home.

The book is divided up into three parts.

  • Part 1- The Low Down, delivers the basic facts about timber framing.  Truss types, enclosure systems and different options that affect the frame are covered.
  • Part 2- The Steps, delves into the steps you will go through while you create your house.   Finding your team, design, engineering and the process your timber frame company will go through to create your frame are broken down into six steps.
  • Part 3- After Its Up, looks at aspects to think about after the timber frame is up.  The mechanical systems are discussed, as well as thoughts on creating a scrapbook of your house from start to finish.

My goal with this Ebook is to allow you to get familiar with the realities of building a timber frame home, and see if it’s all you thought it would be. I hope this Ebook will clear up some misconceptions, answer some questions and describe the basic procedure that a family will go through in creating the house they can call home for generations. Let’s get started…

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