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24x36 Saltbox Cabin

24×36 Saltbox Cabin

Would you like to build a versatile cabin with a rich historical tradition? This 24×36 Saltbox is typical of the style commonly found in New England. It has the characteristic one-story rear and two-story front of the saltbox style. As designed, the second floor spans two-thirds of the footprint, which leaves a high ceiling in one-third of the first floor.

Mixed Species Shed

Dorin Mixed Species Shed

Needed a custom shed, mainly to vertically store lumber slabs up to 12′ long and other typical items. Based on some of your shed plans, I custom designed this frame to suit the location, and the local bylaw restrictions to allow it to be built without requiring a permit from the city development department.

Layout Methods

Timber Frame Layout Methods

Timber frame layout is pretty simple, in concept. Just put the marks in the right places, then cut to the marks … maybe a bit intimidating when faced with a bundle of timbers for the first time without someone else to take the lead. We’ve all been there…

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