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Half Pegged Bladed Scarf Joint

Half Pegged Bladed Scarf Joint

The half pegged bladed scarf joint is a half-lap joint with the addition of the tongues or blades connecting one beam to the other. The blades add more surface area and create a strong, attractive joint.

Stop Splayed Scarf Joint

All scarf joints serve the same purpose – to enable you to span a length greater than the the size of your timbers. Any scarf joint effectively creates one long timber from two shorter ones.

Half Lap with table scarf joint

Half Lap With Table Scarf Joint

Like all other scarf joints, this half lap with table scarf joint gives you the ability to create spans longer than the length of your lumber. Similar to other half lap joints, this one consists of each timber being split longitudinally,

Tools of the Trade Chisels

Tools of the Trade

The tools of the trade that have evolved for working wood all derive from the simplest forms: axe, adze, chisel. Within those forms, much variation exists. In terms of function, they may be divided into carving tools and joinery tools. Function is determined by form.

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