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Otis White Pine Barn

White pine barn underway

Project Information

Timber Framer:

Tim Otis


Tim Otis

Project Location:

Westport, NY

Wood Species:

White Pine

Project Description:

The process started in the Spring of 2018 when a friend of a mentor was looking for someone to build him a timber framed barn for extra storage/garage space. Having some timber framing experience and a general carpentry background, I jumped at the opportunity. I designed the 20′ x 24′ structure in the online version of sketchup and used load calculation formulas to determine beam sizes and proper joinery. I bought pine logs from Paul Smith’s College in upstate New York, since I was a student there at the time, and milled them myself. All joinery was laid out with a framing square and combo square, and cut with a circular saw, framing chisel, battery drill, and hand saw. The goal was to have it raised and closed in by September since I had to go back to school. Well, the raising did not happen until mid-September, but that was more or less expected. Things have been moving slowly since then as being a full-time student and barn builder can be difficult, but I expect to be done sometime in May.

Project Images:

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3 thoughts on “Otis White Pine Barn”

  1. Otis, Nice work. Like that strong look with those hefty post. would be nice to see more photos as you go along to finish.
    looks great.

  2. This is just totally AWESOME plans! You got it all ,the look , the amazing strength of these structures, and I would do anything just to help you on some of the projects you guys do, I’M disabled but I have always had a great interest in construction and wood work, and I would work for free, heck may even pay you to let me help construct just a 16′ by 24′ pavilion or a small gazebo! But good luck to you guy’s, and may the good Lord bless you!! TOTALLY AWESOME,

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