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Arrow Timber Framing

Arrow Timber hails from Southwest Washington near Portland Oregon, serving the entire US from Florida to Alaska. Hybrid Timber Framing is our specialty, from custom designs, to milling and crafting premium timbers, following through to expert installs. We also provide kits and deliver them all over the USA.
Hybrid timber framing represents the most flexible design system that will accommodate virtually every architectural floor plan, layout or roof design. You can create unique artistic beauty with structural strength and eliminate the financial burden associated with full timber framing. Arrow Timber Frame offers 13 truss styles and 7 design styles for custom post and beam construction. Design is only limited by your imagination!
Working with the ATF Team, you will receive highest level of support in every phase of the project, from our initial brainstorming session to design & modeling, then to managing the project through completion. You will experience the rewards of post and beam construction throughout the entire journey. We work relentlessly, to produce exactly the results you expect, so you are completely satisfied with the results. Ready to get started?

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Arrow Timber Framing

9726 Northeast 302nd Street, Battle Ground, WA, USAc

Phone: (833) 212-0202

Email: [email protected]

Website: http://www.arrowtimber.com/

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