Are you Ready to Take Your Passion for Timber Framing to the Next Level?

Over the past 13 years, the Timber Framers Guild has continued to inspire me and my work, and I encourage you be a part of it.

When I joined the Timber Framers Guild, I quickly realized that I was part a larger family of like-minded people.  Over the years, I have been able to connect with timber framers from all over the world and collaborate about this unique and sustainable way of building.  Their work and dedication to this craft continue to challenge and inspire me.  

As I attend the conferences and engage with the community, my friendships grow and my knowledge and passion for the diverse craft expands.  

Why Am I a Member of the Guild?

2014 SE Timber Framer Guild Small Session

​My first exposure to the Guild was in the form of a gift from my first employer, Stephen Morrison with MoreSun Woodworking.  He signed me up for a membership and then we headed for our first conference in Pennsylvania in 2004 (I believe).  Ever since, I have faithfully renewed my membership, and always look forward to the next magazine or event.

Over the past 13 years, I have met others who are as passionate about timber framing as I am. I realized that I joined a community that loves to learn together, is inspired to build frames together, and that strives to be at the cutting edge of sustainable building, all while treasuring the long history of building beautiful timber frame structures.  

Here are some big picture things you get as a member:

  • As a member, you have the opportunity to develop your timber framing skills. Reading the publications, attending the regional events, and volunteering are ways you can connect and learn.
  •   As a member, you will have the opportunity to share your experiences. I have always found that teaching and sharing what I know with others is the fastest way for me to learn and expand my knowledge base.
  •  As a member, you will be joining the largest community of timber framers on the planet. We have members from all over with different backgrounds and interest, but we all share a singular passion for the craft of building with timbers.

Here are some  things you will receive that you can put your hands on:

  1. Timber Framing - Journal of the Timber Framers Guild:  A quarterly magazine that focuses on the topics of the craft including historical, structural analysis and more. 
  2. Scantlings: A a member magazine about what is happening in the Guild, featuring members and projects.
  3. Member Discount on Events: You will get a great rate on the conferences and the different workshops and event the guild sponsors.
    1. Projects and Workshops:  Get the chance to work side by side with some of the leading professionals in the industry.

Join in August and receive a chance to win a Layout Square from Timber Frame HQ.

Digital membership in the Guild is $108 annually (that’s just $9 a month!), or you can pay just a little bit more and receive our publications in print as well as online

Wait,  Don't Just Take My Word For It

"Besides the great friendships with the best people I know, it's the incredible amount of timber framing knowledge I have gained from others that would not have been possible otherwise."

Joe Miller
Will Beemer Member for 32 Years                 

“The people are the greatest benefit. I remember my first conference in West Virginia (2001?) - amazed at how passionate, sharing, and frankly interesting everyone was.” 

Joe Miller
Joe Miller Member for 12 Years                 

“There's no greater benefit than what you learn or glean from other members, whether that's sitting around a table, watching a slideshow, taking a course, or participating in a building project. The generosity and willingness to share and move everyone forward is truly amazing!” 

Matt Hunter Member for 10 Years                 

Still On The Fence?

I get it.  Committing to something new is something that I struggle with all the time.  Is it going to be worth it?  Is this something that I need?  All I can say is the Guild has played a major role in developing my skills, seeking and obtaining knowledge, and has been a constant source of inspiration.  The friendships that I have developed with other members will endure and grow over time. 

Whether you are a DIY'er, professional, student of the craft, architect, contractor, engineer, or an interested homeowner, rest assured you will come away from every event or workshop inspired and looking for the next Scantlings or Timber Framing Journal in your mailbox. 

Join in August and receive and be entered into a contest to win a Layout Square from Timber Frame HQ.

Membership in the Guild is just $132 a year, $11 a month for the printed subscription or $108, which is just $9 a month for the digital subscription.

“The Guild has given me the opportunity and confidence to teach my trade. I have found that the sharing of knowledge not only enriches other people's lives,  it makes me think over and over again about what I think I know, verbalize how I do it, then how I can relate to a stranger well enough to make her or him get it. Through this process, without fail, I make connections with great, motivated people of all backgrounds, making my life richer.” 

gerald david Member for 9 Years                 

“I vividly remember Joel McCarty welcoming me to my first Guild conference. Joel expressed the fellowship and joy of Guild culture that has endured throughout the decades. I learned then that timber framing isn't about the wood.”

Dick SCHMIDT Member for 22 Years                 

Join in August and receive and be entered into a contest to win a Layout Square from Timber Frame HQ.

Membership in the Guild is just $132 a year, $11 a month for the printed subscription or $108, which is just $9 a month for the digital subscription.