Timber storage

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    Last week I took delivery of 66 pieces of big cypress timbers. For the most part I expect to be the only one cutting these, mainly because I don’t have trained help and the sawmill is 400 miles away.  Owing to that, many pieces will sit for 1-2 months before I can get to them.

    Should I cover the timbers? How long does it take before an 8×8 starts to malform if left in the Texas sun? More importantly, should I paint the ends with anchor seal for storage?




    Jim Rogers
    Jim Rogers

    If you want to maintain some new natural color then you should/could cover the pile to block direct sunlight. Light woods darken with age, and dark wood lighten with age.

    I don’t have any experience with that type of wood but you should properly stack them and keep some heavy weight on top to hold them as straight as you can.

    Yes, you should paint the ends of the timbers with anchorseal as soon as you can. And also coat your joints as you cut them. Especially any and all end grain.

    Good luck with your project.

    Jim Rogers

    Brice Cochran
    Brice Cochran

    I agree, cover the wood.  Cypress has a lot of moisture in it by default and can stain if covered too tightly.  I would recommend some old metal roofing or black plastic.  Just make sure the wood can breathe and that the plastic is not touching the wood.

    Agree completely with Jim about the anchor seal or if you want a natural product the Heritage End Sealer.


    Thanks, sealing and covering them today!

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