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    Colton BryanColton Bryan

    Hey y’all, I found this place a few days ago and decided to join in, I’m a crosscut saw collector and love to work wood by hand. Looking to breakout into timber framing and build a few small projects to get started. Thanks to Brice for such a great avenue for information of this art to be shared. Looking forward to anything anyone can teach me. Currently building a dovetailed carpenter box for my timber framing tools(which I have few of) any suggestions on first and most important purchases?

    Jim RogersJim Rogers

    1 1/2″ chisel is one of the most important tools to have, then a 2″ chisel.

    A good mallet for these as well.

    Good luck and welcome.

    Jim Rogers

    Brice CochranBrice Cochran


    Welcome!  Would love to see some pictures of your toolbox when you have it done.  Have you seen our tool reference page at also check out the article and video at

    Jim Rogers from the above comment has so great used vintage tools for sale.  Check them out at:,50674.0.html

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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