Alexandre Circé, l'anse st-jean, Quebec, Canada

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    alexandre circe
    alexandre circe

    Hi everyone, first time ever on any type of forum. I’m 27, bush pilot in the northern Québec 6 months a year and looking to do some timber frame the other 6.

    I was a lumber jack in Golden, B-C, Canada when I saw a timber frame being raise for the first time. After a short talk with the worker it was clear that this is the only way my house should be built.

    During the next years, I was still young, I became an arborist. Working up in the trees with my light saber(power saw). I love trees and wood, I made a lot of furniture and small project guided mainly by feeling.

    Ok it’s a big introduction sorry. So here I am, I bought a piece of land…5 acres, in l’Anse st-Jean, if anyone want to visit, it’s the most beautiful village east of Canada. I’m my stepfather neightbor and we really like each other, good thing because there I have access to: bulldozer, digger, tractor, quad, wood mill, gasoline concrete mixer e.c.t.

    All the wood is on my land ready to be picked. Mainly red pine but also cedar, fir, and other speecies that I can’t translate. I know I’m a good handyman I have the plan for the small timber frame I want, I red a tons of books, one of my friend has his business here in timber frame but still…I have so many question it’s 16 per 22 but feel overwhelming.

    So a big thanks if anyone who read it untill the end, I’m french Canadian so it must look weird. Be ready I have a lot to ask.

    Brice Cochran
    Brice Cochran

    Welcome to the forum Alexandre.  Sounds like you have quite a lot of work ahead of you.  Look forward to hearing about your project and we are ready for your questions.

    Jim Rogers
    Jim Rogers


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