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10x12 Shed Roof Plan Isometric Tall Side

10×12 Shed Roof Plan

Are you just getting started in timber framing? Are you looking for a small, inexpensive and easy-to-handle project? This 10×12 shed roof plan might be the ideal design for you! Because the timbers are no bigger than 6x material, they …

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Timber Frame Porch Plan Front

Timber Frame Shed Roof Porch Plan

You could use this 10×36 timber frame porch plan as an addition to an outdoor pavilion or add it to your home for a screened or covered porch. You could easily modify the shed roof plan to accommodate the length you need. Add this porch plan to practically any pavilion to create more indoor or outdoor space!

16x24 Shed Roof Rendering

16×24 Shed Roof Plan

Are you looking for a versatile, medium-sized streamlined timber frame? This 16×24 shed roof plan may be just the ticket! A single roof plane means less cutting and joinery, and gives the finished frame a clean profile. Use this for …

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