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8×12 Timber Frame Shed or Playhouse

This 8×12 timber frame pdf  includes a 45-page plan set for laying out and cutting the joints necessary to construct a three bent timber frame children’s playhouse or shed. And the roof pitch is 12/12.

The door is on the gable end for people to access the inside of the playhouse/shed.

8x12 Timber Frame

The plan set shows all the timbers you’ll need to use if you wish to do boards for the first floor deck and roof.  Or you can use 2″ planks for the first floor deck and roof, either way these plans can be used for both thicknesses of decking.

The 8×12 timber frame plan set can be printed on 8 ½” x 11″ standard letter size paper. You can copy a page to take out to your workshop and use to make notes, keeping the original for future reference.

It is a good beginner’s project.

Where each timber is shown on a page, it is shown with all four sides and both ends so that you can see all the locations of all the joints and housings. All necessary dimensions have been shown for each joint.

What’s Included with Your 8×12 Timber Frame Plan Set:

  • PDF format, ready for instant download.

• The plan set includes a stock list of the actual sizes of each timber and the number of timbers of that size.

• It also includes a list for ordering your timbers, in standard stock sizes, from the mill or lumber yards.

• These timbers are 6×6’s and the rafters are 3×6. The girts are 4×4 and the floor joists are 3×6 as well.

• There are bent views with dimensions.

• There are wall views with dimensions.

• There are 3d views of the frame to help with visualization.

There are many details such as, roof plan, brace detail, eave detail, floor joist detail, post tenon detail, ridge detail, and tie beam tenon detail.

There are single stick drawings for each long sill, each cross sill, the tying joist, and a regular floor joist.

There are single stick drawings for each post in each bent, and each tie beam in each bent, one for the brace, each plate, one for the north side rafters, and one for the south side rafters. One page has all the girts. One page has the gable end door posts which makes it a complete set for every timber in the frame.

This frame is customizable to your own needs. You can make the door hinged or an external slider if you wish. You could add more doors if you want. You could make the frame taller by making the post longer. And you can enclose it with vertical siding or horizontal siding if you add blocking.

You should purchase this plan set to help you construct a timber frame playhouse/shed.

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  1. I just downloaded this set of plans. I am very impressed with the quality, completeness and clarity of the plans. I am not a pro, but I have built my timber frame house using Jack Sobon’s book. These plans are just the thing to get me back in the swing of things. This structure will be at my camp in northern NH.
    Great value!

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