Makita KP312

Makita KP312 12.25 Inch Handheld Planer Review

Makita KP312As manufacturers go, Makita tends to have the inside track on what professional timber framers want from their tools. This Makita KP312  hand-held planer stays true to that promise. It sports a powerful 15-AMP motor able to generate 12,000 RPM and the V-belt design makes the power transfer from motor to blades tremendously efficient. […]

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what is the best low angle block plane

Low Angle Block Plane Review

If you’re in the market for a low angle block plane, it’s important to frame your expectations according to your trade. Timber Framers have very different needs than cabinetmakers. Considerations about precision and even price should be based on workplace and usage. It doesn’t make sense to spend a small fortune on a tool that […]

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Easy Timber Frame Plan

12×16 Timber Frame King Post Plan

Do you want to add interest and shade to your outdoor space or build a tiny home?  Take a look at this nicely sized 12×16 timber frame king post plan! Though small enough for most backyards or small lots, this graceful structure can comfortably accommodate your conversation grouping, outdoor kitchen/dining or hot tub and lounge […]

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Double Tenoned Scarf Joint (7 of 8)

Double Tenoned Scarf Joint

In this joinery example, we are detailing two variations of this double tenoned scarf joint.  The first uses a hardwood wedge to drive the two pieces together and the other uses pegs.   If you want or need a better method you can opt to use structural screws in place of the pegs.  Both offer a […]

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Festool Planer6

Festool HL 850 E Power Planer Review

Festool has earned a steadfast reputation for precision, German-engineered woodworking tools. The brand name is nearing the century mark and the  Festool HL 850 E Power Planer  only adds to its innovative excellence. The Festool HL 850 features a single cutting knife, spiral-head design. The tool leads by example with its stylized and interchangeable head […]

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