TimberLinx Post Base Detail

timber linx post base connection-7


This is one of my favorite ways to secure a timbered post to concrete.  It uses a TimberLinx Connector with a piece of 7/8″ galvanized all thread rod that has been epoxied into the concrete.  This allows you to adjust the exact placement of the connector after the concrete has been poured and not while the concrete is being poured.  The connector has good uplift and shear values, is easy to install and the cheapest method available that allows you to hide the connector completely.

There are a couple downsides and issues that do crop up.  The first is that you have to lay out the placement of the all thread exactly and have it plumb before the epoxy dries to insure proper alignment with the posts and connectors.  The second is to have the holes drilled properly for the TimberLinx Connectors, otherwise the expanding wedge connector may not align correctly.  While these are considerations…just think it through , measure three times and then have someone check your work.

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  1. zig November 17, 2016 at 6:52 am #

    I’ve used Timerlinx before for this application, but I can’t remember what type of epoxy we used — do you have a recommendation?

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