Timber Frame Construction Details

Timber Frame Construction Details Finding the right timber frame construction detail is pivotal for your timber frame project whether it is for a commercial or residential building.  We have created this site to provide you and the industry a resource to find these construction details.  We welcome everyone to share their timber frame construction details here and comment on the ones we currently have.

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Hardware Timber Frame Spline Joint

Spline Joinery

It is often the case when you have two or more plates or beams coming together into a post to use a spline in place of a tenon.  The thought process being is if you put a tenon on the end of the beams you risk taking out too much “meat” out of the post […]

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Stop Splayed Scarf Joint

A scarf joint is used to create longer timbers for use in plates, beams, rafters and posts when you cannot find a long enough timber to span the distance you require. The stop splayed scarf that is displayed here is extremely common and can be fastened together with pegs, all-thread with nuts and washers or […]

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