Timber Frame Costs

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7 Ways to Reduce the Cost of Building a Timber Frame House

Thinking about building your own timber frame home? Construction projects can be scary, and we’ve all heard about builds-gone-wrong and unexpected mishaps that blow the price through the roof, but there are plenty of steps you can take to ensure this doesn’t happen and that your final price stays manageable. Here are 7 ways to reduce […]

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Complex Roof Lines in a Timber Frame Home

13 Tips To Save Money Building Your Timber Frame Home 

You probably have two plans in your mind for building your new timber frame home, I know I did. One is the dream home you’ve always wanted: A spa bathroom, a master suite with balcony, a tiered deck leading to the in-ground pool and a chef’s kitchen with the best professional appliances. The second is […]

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Apples to Apples Timber Prices

Getting Apples to Apples Bids for Your Timber Frame Construction Project

A Request For Proposal is an invitation for timber frame companies and contractors to provide bids on work to be done in constructing your  home. This competitive bidding process allows you to compare a number of different companies before making a decision and gives to the best chance to get apples to apples bids. Some […]

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Timber Frame Costs – Why is it so Difficult?

Transcript of Video: Hello this is Timber Frame HQ and in this short video we are going to talk about timber frame costs and why it is difficult for a timber frame company to give you hard and fast number during your first discussions with them.  There are several reasons why this question is not […]

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Show Me the Money! The Appraisal Process for Your New Timber Frame Home

The appraisal process – Unless you are sitting on a sum of disposable cash (and most of us unfortunately are not), getting a bank loan will be one of the starting points to getting your timber frame house kit. Banks rely on the services of licensed appraisers to determine whether the amount of money you are […]

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