T-REX Connector – Post Base Detail

T-Rex Connector

t-rex-connector-logoA few months ago we were introduced to a new type of timber connector used in post and beam construction called a T-REX Connector, by the team at Connecticut Post and Beam.   We instantly liked the simplicity of the connector as well as the ease of use and installation.

The T-Rex Connector is a piece of anodized aluminum in the shape of a “T”.  One end gets screwed (in the case of this detail) with GRK Caliburn concrete screws to the concrete, and the other end goes into a slot cut into the base of the post.  The post is then secured to the T-Rex Connector with two ½” aluminum pins supplied by T-REX.

To aid in cutting and assembly of this connection, the team that created the T-Rex has also created some jigs and other tools that can greatly help out with the layout and cutting the slot and holes.

In future details we will show how to use these connectors to connect posts to beams in a few different ways.

You can find out more about the Connecticut Post and Beam in our online Directory here.


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