Structural Insulated Panels

Purlin Beam Pocket Detail

Timbered Purlin Wall Pocket Detail

Often, due to budget requirements or floor plan arrangement some timbers will need to sit on  conventionally framed walls; this is very common and called hybrid construction.  In this timbered purlin wall Pocket detail a timbered purlin bears on a 2×6 wall and is covered with an 8 ¼” Structural Insulated Panel and ¾” tongue […]

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Timber Frame Enclosure System

Building a Timber Frame Enclosure System You Can Be Proud Of

After the frame is up, you are going to have to enclose it and there are quite a few different paths that you can choose.  In building a timber frame enclosure system you can be proud of, a couple of overriding considerations need to be taken into account, as well as the details about each […]

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SIP Wiring Chase

Running Wires in SIPs – Concerns for the Homeowner

When you’re building a conventionally framed home, you don’t think much about pre-planning the electrical system. Sure, you may talk about having enough outlets in the kitchen, or that your hobby room has ample power for your various lights and equipment. However, it’s generally a non-issue when building a standard 2×4 house. Running wires in SIPs […]

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Timber Frame Bungalow and House Interior Finish

How To Finish a Timber Frame House

So your timber frame house or bungalow has been raised, what now? Enclosures finish a timber frame house.   You can expect your timber framing company to take care of the enclosures of your house. Most of the companies today are using structural insulated panels also known as SIPs as enclosures to their frames. These […]

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