Floor Framing

Simpson Strap Timber Post Connection

Simpson STHD Strap – Post to Concrete Connection

If you are looking for a strong connection when attaching a timber frame post to a concrete foundation, and one side of the post is hidden, this Simpson STHD Strap may be the the answer you are looking for.   The strap gets embedded into the concrete and then is secured to the timbered post with 16d […]

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Over Built Loft Timberd Floor System

Overbuilt and Overhung Timber Frame Loft Floor System

It is often necessary to build up a timber frame loft floor system in order to run HVAC ducts, install can lighting or any number of other reasons.  This detail shows a simple way to achieve this.  It even sports an overhang to increase the square footage in the loft and allows one the ability to […]

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